Comedian - Benji Brown

Mr. Benji Brown, the one man who is heating up the national comedy scene. You have seen him make numerous appearances on B.E.T. Comic View and the new Club Comic View. He is a witty, bright, and hilarious comedian who will soon be a household name. So take a deep breath as you inhale his numerous amusing characters. He is the You are able to tune in and listen to him every morning on Miami's WEDR 99 Jamz -The Big Lip Bandit Morning Show. Now I present to you ladies and gentleman...BENJI BROWN!!!

In the fall of 1994, Miami's Studio 183 became the official comedy birthplace of Benji Brown's comedic career. It was on that very stage that Benji made his mark with an astounding performance. Every single person in the venue stood up and gave a huge standing ovation. The audience then screamed for more, more, more, and more. That performance led to an array of calls for future comedy bookings and now movie interests.

By November of 1995, Benji had already appeared on B.E.T. Comic View. This was a major achievement for him so early in his young career. To name a few of the venues Benji performed at were B.E.T. Comic View, HBO Def Comedy Jam, Improv throughout many cities, Uptown Comedy Club - Atlanta, Georgia, Sugar Shack - New York, Laff House, Boston Comedy Club - New York, Bronx BBQ's - New York, Caroline's - New York and the list goes on.

Benji's latest project is his new Comedy feature film entitled IN TOUCH WITH REALITY, directed by Melvin James. This is a new sketch comedy that shows Benji's creative characters that we all have been waiting for....even his most popular, KEKE! This is the most talked about sketches of comedy since The Dave Chappelle show. "IN TOUCH WITH REALITY" was released this spring and is in stores now in FYE, Best Buy, Sam Goody, and Transworld stores. Benji Brown appeared in Golden Globe Winner Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza and P. Diddy's Bad Boy of Comedy for 2005. He's appearing in STARZ network's new comedy station this fall. He also co-stared in the 2005 Budlight Superbowl Commercial with Cedric the Entertainer. Benji recently shot an episode of ESPN*s "Game Night" a new series with Miami Dolphins Sam Madison, which airs next season.

Recently, Benji was the comic relief at the 6th Annual Source Awards held in Miami, Florida on October 13, 2003. The Source Awards was aired on Tuesday, November 11, 2003, on BET. Benji will appear on BET's new black reality show, College Hill. He will be featured on Trick Daddy's new album, "Thug Matrimony" scheduled to hit stores in 2004.

Benji's early success earned him respect from other comedians in the business, such as, Mike Epps (Actor/Comedian) who said, "he's an actor doing comedy." SOMMORE (Actor/ Comedienne) said, "he is Sammy Davis, Jr. all over again." Lastly, Tommy Davidson (Actor/Comedian) said, "you have no choice, but to leave your world behind and venture into his. Anyone who has worked with him will testify to him being, live, hilarious, and simply off the hook!!!!" He travels all over the country doing what he enjoys and make people laugh!!! He is primed for a spectacular career, and it is beginning to soar. For the last Three (3) years, he has also been a headlining comedian on the RJE Comedy Cabaret Tour,WWW.COMEDIANDEPOT.COM, which is the longest running, largest and most successful comedy tour in the nation targeted to Universities/ Colleges.

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