Comedian - Bruce Bruce

Bruce Bruce is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, a city that has been invaded by the rest of the entertainment industry with the likes of Comedian/ Actor Chris Tucker, Multiplatinum super producers Jermaine Dupri and Babyface, Musicians Usher, Ludacris, and Outkast, and even Three (3x) heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield. One of Atlanta's most rapidly growing past time events however is a night out at a popular comedy club. This is where you would find one of the nations funniest comedians, Comedian/ Actor BRUCE BRUCE.

This hilariously cool comedian, keeps them rolling in the aisles as he takes the stage. The ladies are captured by his charming smile, personality, and his humorously expressive brown eyes. Bruce Bruce takes charge while he holds the audience's attention with his lightning wit, spontaneous snaps and improvisation. Vulgarity and derogatory remarks are not his thing. The extremely funny Bruce Bruce, does adult comedy, as well as, comedy for the entire family. That's one of the many things that set him apart.

Many other comedic styles are mainly raunchy, offensive and degrading. Very few have the versatility of Bruce Bruce. Vulgarity/derogatory remarks are not his thing. He does adult comedy and comedy for the entire family, yet, still being extremely funny. Bruce Bruce is loved in his hometown regardless of their race, creed, color or religion. His comedy is color blind. He relates well to children. He loves and has a great concern for their welfare. Having Three (3) of his own, he feels his contributions to the future of this country's youth is vital. He is dedicated time in his life to bring laughter to children, teens and young adults via schools, recreational centers, churches etc.

Although his presentation is funny, it carries some very important messages that are not to be overlooked. Bruce Bruce is a very spiritual man, believing God gave him gift to spread joy to others across this country and around the world. He is destined to be seen constantly in the living rooms of millions in the near future.

One of his current missions is to involve himself in all types of venues dedicated to stopping the violence in our Society and especially the violence against children of all races.. "If we don't teach, protect and most of all love our children nothing will be funny ." states BRUCE BRUCE.

Bruce Bruce was the 2001 Host of BET's lOth anniversary of Comic View that was shot in New Orleans and received the highest ratings ever in the ten (10) year history of BET's "COMIC VIEW". BRUCE BRUCE was recently featured in the Lion's Gate Films feature "THE WASH", directed by DJ Pooh. He played "Dewayne", the good-natured "rent-a-cop" in this film starring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. After receiving the highest ratings ever as the Host of BET's 10th anniversary Comic View in 2001, Bruce has signed on again to Host the 2002 Comic View season.

BRUCE BRUCE was added as a headling act on the RJE Comedy Cabaret Tour which is the largest and longest running comedy tour in the nation. He was featured at Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal (2000), Laffapalooza Festival in Atlanta, GA (2000) and can be seen in comedy clubs and sold out arenas around the country.

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