Comedian - Mike Epps

Mike Epps has already generated quite a buzz among his peers and within the industry for being one of the funniest comic actors about to emerge into the Hollywood spotlight with two motion pictures scheduled to be released in one calendar year. He has been seen starring opposite Ice Cube in New Line Cinema's "All About the Benjamins", which grossed over $10 million in it's first weekend. Epps plays "Reggie," a bail jumper who is chased by a bounty hunter that leads them to an abandoned warehouse which is, unbeknownst to them, a drop-off point for a major diamond heist. And if you thought you had seen the last of "Day – Day", Epps will be reprising his role as "Day-Day" in "Friday After Next", the third installment of the Friday series.

A native of Indianapolis, Indiana who has steadily climbed his way up the stand-up comedy ranks for the last six years, Epps moved to Los Angeles after his successful performance at the 1999 Laffapalooza fest in Atlanta. During his performance at the Comedy Store, Epps caught the attention of Ice Cube. This led to him being cast in the co-starring role of "DAY-DAY" in his feature film debut, the hit comedy "Next Friday" and the third edition of the Friday series "FRIDAY AFTER NEXT". Epps has since co-starred in feature film "Bait" with Jamie Foxx and had a cameo in feature film "How High" with Def Jam Records artists Method Man and Redman. Epps was also heard as the voice of Sonny in feature film "Dr. Dolittle 2".

Having grown up between Gary, Indiana, where he would spend summers with his grandparents, and Indianapolis, where he shared a house with eight siblings and his mother, in school Epps was always the class cut-up. It came as no surprise that by the time he reached his teens Epps decided to enter a stand-up comedy contest at an Indiana club named Seville's.

His success on stage motivated him to strike out on his own, heading to Atlanta where he made a name for himself at the Comedy Act Theater. The owner of the club encouraged Epps to move to New York to build his act, and within a week, Epps caught a Greyhound to the Big Apple at the age of 21. While breaking into conventional New York City comedy clubs did prove to be challenging, the Def Comedy Jam phenomenon recognized Epps' talent and by 1995, he wound up on the Def Comedy Jam tour and had starred in two of HBO's Def Comedy Jam broadcasts.

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