Comedian - Nard Holston

Notoriously known for his spontaneous comedy stage show and mid range -pitched voice, NARD Holston has been ripping up auditoriums and colleges all across the country with his quick wit and unpredictable style of comedy. If you have not seen "NARD" on stage performing, then you have definitely missed a treat with his "STRANGER", "DISABILITY DATE", or "ON EVERY THANG I LUV - WARNING" comedy routine. On any given Sunday, Comedian NARD Holston is the host raising the temperature higher as the audience laughs louder and louder at the Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta, Georgia, which has launched the careers of comedy legends such as CHRIS TUCKER, BRUCE BRUCE, ARNEZ J, JAMIE FOXX, and EARTHQUAKE.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, NARD Holston has been making audiences laugh since his freshman year in high school and believe it or not, did not try is hand at comedy on a professional level until he as 24 years young. After finishing high school and just "CHILLIN'" in Decatur with his friends hanging out at various hip hop clubs in Atlanta, a light went off in his head in 1994 after attending super producer Jermaine Dupri's birthday party. A comedian was performing at the party that NARD felt was not funny at all and then he knew that here is my new hustle.

"They were paying a comedian to perform and he was not funny at all. Here I am broke eating chicken wings and drinking a soda and this guy is not as funny as I was in high school and he is sipping Moet with Jermaine Dupri and walking around the party with girls under his arm. If they were paying him to perform, I know I can do it…" stated NARD Holston.

He did it and tried his luck at performing comedy routines at "Open Mic Night" at the Comedy Act Theatre. At the Comedy Act Theatre, he aggressively pursued his career as a Stand-up Comedian opening up and traveling on the road with BRUCE BRUCE, JEMMERIO is JEMMERIO, MIKE EPPS, ARNEZ J, and another young talented comedian named CHRIS TUCKER.

Through hard work and dedication, he has accomplished a lot in the entertainment business in just a short amount of time. He has won various comedy competitions including the recipient of " Best Stage Show" at the Annual Bay Area Black Comedy Competition in 1996 hosted by Don "DC" Curry, and in 1997 he was a finalist in the Zima comedy competition. He has been featured on BET's "COMIC VIEW" since 1998. He was personally selected by CEDRIC "The Entertainer" to perform on his 2001 Bud Light CEDRIC "The Entertainer" Comedy Revue Tour which showcased in over Thirty (30) cities and is featured on the tour DVD which is in stores now.

For the last Three (3) years, he has also been a headlining comedian on the RJE Urban Comedy Cabaret Tour, WWW.COMEDIANDEPOT.COM, which is the longest running, largest and most successful comedy tour in the nation targeted to Universities/ Colleges. If you are a hip hop music fan, you have probably seen him in several music videos including Jermaine Dupri's "WELCOME TO ATLANTA", T.I.'s "IN THE TRAP", Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz "WE DON'T GIVE A…", and Ludacris' "WHAT ‘S YOUR FANTASY" & "MOVE". Rapper Ludacris was so impressed by NARD Holston's comedic talent, he was featured on the song "Keep it on the Hush" (Track 13) which is a comic interlude on his 2002 Triple Platinum (3 Million Copies) Album "WORD OF MOUF". NARD Holston is definitely Black Star Power on the move for the new year.

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