Comedian - Katt Williams

Katt Williams was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. The son of an ex Black Panther, "Katt", yes, there was an affinity for feline animals in his family, started reading at age 3. He loved reading so much that his parents never would send him to his room for punishment for fear he would enjoy himself too much. By 8, he was reciting "Anyway" for the NAACP By 9, he won an Oratorical Competition in Dayton. People from the audience came up and told him how funny he was. Afterwards, he announced to his parents that he wanted to be a comedian like Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby. By 12, he won a number of Awards for science projects which landed him a full scholarship to The National Science Academy, a prestigious private school in Dayton. As soon as Katt found out about the scholarship, he failed a math test so he didn't have to go. Comedy was in his blood.

His natural curiosity lead him to question everything, including his strict religious upbringing. Curiosity didn 'tkill the 'Katt", but it did take him out of town. At thirteen, he emancipated himself and moved to Florida with his dog, Rasha, and became one of Americ(!!.'s youngest flower salesman, selling roses on the street comers in the Coconut Grove.

During his early teens, he had a number of odd jobs. From the carnival circuit to magazine salesman, he traveled throughout the United States, but he returned to Florida for his first performance in a comedy club Ruskin.

Katt was too young to get into a Florida Night Club where his friends were going out for a night of fun. He noticed two guys, about his age, waved through the line and found out they, as comics, could get in. He joined the line and ended up on stage. The theme ofms act was: '1 was the entire black neighborhood.' "When people started laughing, 1 stopped to smell the roses."

Next stop was Oklahoma City. He snuck into "Joker's", where there was an all white audience. He convinced management to let him perform even though he was still under age. "It was so white, I wasn't even black," Katt says.

In 1995, Katt became a father and his life changed forever. "Having no "legal skills" and having an aversion to manual labor, my options weren't that great. I was a single father and I had a constant motivation."

Three months after Micah's birth, the young father moved with Micah to Sacramento to pursue his comedy career full time. He worked hard on his craft, performing in all the "White Rooms" in Sacramento. His reputation grew, but the comedy didn't feel complete. He joined the Nation of Islam briefly, but he was still restless. In 1998, he moved to Oakland to perform in the Black Clubs. It was magic.

He hosted shows at Crackers, 1 st Stop and Standing "0" Comedy. He headlined at Club Manhattan and crossed the Bay to San Francisco and headlined at Laughs Unlimited, and Bo'sBounty. He won the Canadian MIST Comedy Competition.

Finally in the summer of 1998, he thought he was ready for Los Angeles. A friend from Oakland drove with him six hours to get on stage at THE LAUGH FACTORY SHOWCASE. "We had to wait in a line and by the time, we got to the front, only one of us could get up. We split the time and each took 1 Yz minutes. We didn't know that inside there were only four people. The way I figure, I told a joke and 1/3 for each person. On the way back to Oakland, I told my friend, 'considering the amount of time we got on stage, we might want to consider shortening our commute.",

In 1999, Katt Williams and his son, Micah, moved to Los Angeles. In just over a year and a half, Katt has become a presence at The Irnprov, The Comedy Club, The Icehouse and he has his own room at The Hollywood Park Casino where he has a large, loyal following. He's appeared on Comedy Campus, BET's Comic View. This summer he won Cedric The Entertainer's Anheuser-Busch "Best Los Angeles Comic's Award."

"It's the best I ever feel when I'm on stage, putting the thoughts from my head into those ofan audience. Applause is my drug of choice."

In October of 2001, Katt went on his first theatrical audition at New Line Cinema for "Friday After Next" and landed the part of Money Mike. Ten months later, Katt auditioned for the Montreal Comedy Festival and was chosen as one of the "New Faces". Before he stepped foot on stage in Canada, he landed an overall deal with NBC Studios for his own series. Now we're in October. He auditioned at Twentieth Century Fox for NYPD BLUE and aced the part. Is he pleased? "The roses have never smelled better."

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